“Fact is transposed to fiction, fiction is transposed to fact.” This seemingly paradoxical logic represents my vision. I believe that fiction is the first step to the truth hidden in reality and allows emotions and actions we cannot put into words to emerge in an allegorical way. I aspire to convey a poetic approach in my work, using metaphors and parables, to create a juxtaposition of humour and seriousness. I aim to reveal the something that we cannot explain using language.

Additionally, I explore the potential for art to contribute to social betterment. I am interested in the themes of cultural identity and collective identity. How is identity made? Does nation, blood, language, religion, family, or education decide identity? Through carrying out cultural research from an anthropological view, I aim to respond to this question through my artworks.

My practice centers around observations and engagements with human beings and everyday life. I aim to roll the camera as an eye to convey moments, events and mythological elements.

Feeling somewhat like an outsider for the past few years has led to my interest in others. Others’ memories, time, futures, or voices inspire my video works. Over the past few years, I have focused on exploring the connection between art itself, human beings and social practice. In my videos, performances or audio installations, works often involve a commissioned participant or myself, these happenings are recorded in films, sounds and other means of documentation such as text.

Tamao Narukawa


(Single channel Ver.)


HD Video, Color, Sound

Single Channel


(Installation view)

The Ballad of You and Yours. 

Video/Audio installation
HD Video, Two SW/LW Radios, Mixed media
3min 44sec Loop

March 2017

Constellation 89th, 90th, and 91st. 

February 2016

HD Video 7min 25sec



November 2015- May 2016

Video Installation (the image is changed from 2 channel video)  

HD Video, 3min 37sec

London(UK) ​ 

The time knock at me

30 May - 1 June 2014

Video Installation, 6min 27sec

Old VHS video, Mixed media 

Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK)

Why is there something rather than nothing?

September 2017
Short Version 04min 14sec (Original 14min)
HD Video, Color


It's selling well. 

20-28 September 2016

Fake Shopping Channel, 14min 28sec

Paris (France)

However, the die has already been cast. 

February 2017

HD Video, 5min 38sec 

Hamburg (Germany)


Performance, HD video


London, UK

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