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Constellation 89th, 90th, and 91st.


February 2016

HD Video 7min 25sec


- - - On going project - - -

When we look up the sky, we can find a lot of star. People who lived long time ago, they imagined freely with mythological characters or creatures which is called constellation. Today, the constellations aim to be area mapping. It was divided the celestial sphere into 88th by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1922. I just came up the idea that if I make a new constellation, what happened?


We can find any objects in our daily life such as tree, building, bicycle, and even human. What is the differences between the stars and these objects? As our ancestor believed that the star is a “bright dot”, we might think our objects are also “bright dot”?

This is because every objects are going to be history, or legacy. Every objects are not permanent. We have to die after 100years later. Thus, I attempt to create new constellation with any objects. This film work can provide audience to consider that we are going to be history.


I had filmed at three different locations. These are Lewisham, Greenwich, and Canary Wharf. This is because different place has a different stream of people, rubbish, reaction and story. For instance, there are diverse mix of culture in Lewisham and Canary Wharf due to it is financial signifiers. I found an object and picked it as a “bright dot” then lined from object to object.


This is an ongoing work. I plan to send to the International Astronomical Union as a four new constellations with new stories which I imagine. This illuminating art work might pose the question about the definition of existence.

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