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3 channel Video/audio installation

HD Video, Color, Sound (surrounding), Mixed Media

Sculptural construction: 2214mm × 1245mm

Single channel version

Installation view Three channel video and audio installation

This video shows the ‘game’ of our society. The identity of children is quite ambiguous as their position is in the middle between adult and child. The children do not pretend any social sign which we have to play in our society. I have never given any instruction for them. When I was walking around my temporary house at morocco, the children suddenly played with their toy gun. I am like a sponge, sucking up all those things I saw in the world and putting them in my art. I do it intuitively, not intellectually, and definitely not with an agenda. It seems to me that it is really ambiguous definition between victim and aggressor, and justice and guilt. In this video, children played with their ordinary innocently. They don’t know the history of Morocco that was under French rule until 1962, instead of recover their own culture which was destroyed during under the colonial situation, they seem to attempt reconstruct with strong diaspora culture. It cannot avoid to overlapped each existence. This work can emerge the possibility that unborn 'something' to swim between both, instead of alliances of race, border, and religion.

HD Video / Single version / Without audio installataion

(Original is 3 channel video and audio surrounding) 


Still images from 'Swimming'

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