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Why is there something rather than nothing?


September 2017

Multichannel video installation

In order to pose the question about the meaning of language. I gathered the meaning from others' hand gesture to deconstruct their aim/purpose. It seems like meaningless, irrational, and confusion.


In this work, I tried to emerge the gap between oral language and oral language. We tend to do miscommunication and conflict as the existed language might have a limit to express what we are thinking. I focused on the possibility of sign especially ‘hand gesture’ as an alternative language. 

I pose the question about the existence of the out of meaning. As every language were already given a meaning which are made by human, I thought ‘no-meaning’ haven’t have language yet. I showed the video and audio installation which showed the possibility of vulnerability about existing limited ‘language’ using “no-meaning”. I choreographed the gesture which inspired by the extinct language Ainu that used to use by the aborigines in the Northern side of Japan. I combined this extinct language and people’s hand gesture in order to emerge the irrational meaning might have a potential to break new dimension of our ground.

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