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However, the die has already been cast.

February 2017

HD Video, 5min 38sec 

Hamburg (Germany)

Human being tend to be arrogant as a lot of individuals consider that we are the apex predator. I deeply believe that we are part of the animal which is a hominidae, there are no hierarchy between human and animal. So what is a thing that makes us 'human being'? Because of the emergence of the AI (Artificial intelligence), the prey-predator relationship might be change to become new social order.


In this film work, I show the text conversation between AI and AI using particular BOT. As far as I know,  in order to have communication, this bot does not use algorithm. To build up the experience from conversation with actual human being, this AI learn day by day. I am wondering this function of the process communicated with each other is not so different from us. Even though we are realizing this conversation is AI talking, you might be able to see the conversation with you in your own.


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