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The time knock at me.

30 May - 1 June 2014

Video Installation, 6min 27sec

Old VHS video, Mixed media 

Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK)

This film Installation aim to provide that audience might be able to consider about the existence of a point or moment in the flow of time. We do not know where is the time came from, where is the time existence. The time might come from past to future or from future to past through present. I attempt to compare two ways of conceptual thinking way of thinking about 'time' definition.


The projection shows that to gaze about turn back time. If the time come from forward, our memory's point of the past- time have been turning back further the past at that point. Another film shows the every second. It is in a moment in our life and it have defined numerically by human.

These two approaches create an opportunity for viewer's mysterious to effect that 'the time' probably do not exist.

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